Defending the Prouty Garden

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The Prouty Garden, a beloved therapeutic healing garden that is the soul of world-renowned Boston Children’s Hospital, is threatened with ill-advised destruction to make room for indoor facilities that could be located elsewhere and only benefit some of the many patients. As a guest of Chris Lovett on BNN (Boston Neighborhood Network) News, Tom describes […]

The greatest wave of urbanization in all history

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Only slightly less newsworthy than the sea change in world acknowledgment of climate change is the collective realization that the world is spawning the greatest wave of urbanization in all history. By 2030 China will have two hundred cities with a population of a million-plus. It already has sixty of them (compared to the U.S. […]

We are hard-wired for mythic stories

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We are hard-wired for mythic stories. We have been since long before the legendary blind Homer enthralled his audiences with his recitation of the tales of Odysseus on the wine-dark sea. It is not just that our kids love to be read to, or that we watch sitcoms or go to movies or read novels, […]

Cities with Heart Questionnaire

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But enough about me. I invite you to fill me in by filling this out. Cities with Heart Questionnaire: How often to you visit a park of greenspace each month? Why do you go? What activities do you particularly enjoy? If you were unable to make those visits to greenspace, what difference would it make […]